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Melissa Bruno


15.4.2019 Mrs. Melissa Bruno visited the students of the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling of the Technical University of Košice. Students of secondary schools named Poštová, Trebišovská and Futurum also came to the meeting with Mrs. Melissa. The students were particularly interested in the experiences of Mrs. Melissa in Slovakia, as well as the differences between American and Slovak culture, interesting facts about her nurse profession, but also specific things about steel and metallurgy. Mrs. Melissa answered all the curious questions of our students successfully and interestingly, and at the same time she managed to spice up her English language teaching. At the end of the conversation with the students, Mrs. Melissa looked the spaces of FMMR TUKE  and left a signature on our interactive wall of famous people in one of the FMMR Interactive recycling auditorium.