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Services Offered by Faculty

Institute of Materials and Quality Engineering (IMIK) FMMR TUKE

  • new construction materials, manufacturing technology and applications (section of automation, robotics, technology of manufacturing and the automotive industry),
  • new construction materials, manufacturing technology and applications (metallurgical, engineering and energy industries),
  • the technology of powder metallurgy at the range of the applied temperature 196 °C až 1200 °C,
  • non-destructive corrosion monitoring and prediction of life of gas pipelines,
  • proposal of new chemical concepts of steel with the addition of boron, production of tubes at high temperature,
  • the modification technologies along with the proposed new concept of materials with the desired strength, plastic and fracture properties with special regard for application in difficult temperature-tension and deformation conditions,
  • heat treatment and chemical-heat treatment of materials.

Institute of metallurgy (IMET) FMMR TUKE

  • technological aspects of the production of coke, sinter, pellets, pig iron, steel and ferro-alloys
  • simulation of continuous casting of steel using a water model
  • modelling of the production of Fe-, Mn- and Ti-based sinter
  • technology for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • optimisation of the technological parameters of high pressure die casting
  • modern, waste-less technology of chemical processing of industrial materials, such as magnesite or serpentine
  • production and application of refractory ceramic materials
  • PLATAURUM laboratory for processing wastes containing precious metals, mainly gold and silver
  • effective use of traditional, waste and renewable sources of thermal energy
  • transport and distribution of the energy carriers

Institute of Recycling Technologies (IRT) FMMR TUKE

  • Assessment of Al-issues occurring in alkaline water sludge field,
  • Processing linings of aluminum electrolysis cell,
  • Analysis of processing options - adjustments to the foundry sands,
  • Hydrometallurgy of sulphide materials,
  • Recovery of precious metals from waste,
  • Recovery of copper, tin, lead from waste of electric and electronic equipment,    
  • Chemical and phase analysis of samples,
  • Recycling of dusts from scrap copper smelting,
  • Recycling of dusts from the production of pig iron,
  • Recycling of dusts from basic oxygen steelmaking converter,
  • Recycling of dusts from the production of steel in electric arc furnaces,
  • Recycling of slag from the production of pig iron,
  • Recycling of steel slag,
  • Treatment and recycling of Al skimming,
  • Processing and recycling of spent batteries and accumulators,
  • Processing and recycling of industrial wastes containing zinc,
  • Processing and recycling of industrial waste containing tin,
  • Material analysis of municipal solid waste (MSW),
  • Recycling of selected components from separately collected fractions of MSW,
  • Physical treatment and sorting of waste and (raw) materials and research in this area,
  • Experimental testing of hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical and combined methods for waste treatment in order to obtain metals and other materials (compounds),
  • Suggestions of recycling technologies and preparation of know-how for waste processing,
  • Assessment in matters of waste,
  • Professional consultations on issues of treatment and recycling of waste,
  • Training of personnel practices in the production of non-ferrous metals and waste processing,
  • Preparation of technical studies in the field of recycling and production of non-ferrous metals,
  • Realization of elemental and phase analysis of raw materials and the overall characterization of starting materials, intermediates and products processing