65th Anniversary

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Len vďaka metalurgii sa ľudstvo prepracovalo z doby kamennej až k počítačom a umelej inteligencii. Svet neustále potrebuje nové materiály a my vieme ako ich získať a recyklovať. Štúdium na fakulte materiálov, metalurgie a recyklácie vám umožní stať sa tvorcami budúcnosti, v ktorej by ste chceli žiť.

doc. Ing. Iveta Vasková, PhD.

Message from Dean at the occasion of 65th anniversary

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Message from Dean at the occasion of 65th anniversary


It is of a great honour to express illusively general and simple statement: Our Faculty of Metallurgy celebrates the 65th anniversary since its foundation. This statement contains large amount of life stories, events, experiences, hopes and memories. It covers certain time period of life not only of our students and staff, but also of our well-wishers, supporters and friends from the other institutions, and I believe that it gave them a lot of good and useful. Therefore I stress the word OUR. 
Celebrations of life jubilees or other significant events in the life, memories of significant milestones of our history fill us up with the magnificent feeling, when we realise, this time more than other time, what this word mean in the human life and what is the power and creativity of the human spirit. 
It is a moment when the jubilee as well as all the other, who affected its life in any way, realise what people go through in course of their life span. These are the moments that force us to think over, or to return back in our thoughts and recollect our memories a bit. Because the memories are not only the moments of the acutely projected history but often also that most precious source of the inner strength and energy. 
The human memory is an exceptional gift. Without memory we are as without the past. It is a gift that enables us to look back and at the same time moves us forward. 65 years mean the time for the recapitulation and evaluation, provides the opportunity for the contemplation about the past, our present and it is often the take-off for the formation of our future. The present time is the period of the boom of the evaluations of the academic institutions applying the various evaluation methods, accreditations and ratings, changes in concepts of the development and systems. At the same time omitted should not be the significance of the institution's history, which is frequently not appreciated. 
The nation that does not respect its ancestors and history is not worse of its present as well. And the integral part of the history of our nation is indisputably also the Faculty of Metallurgy. The Faculty was founded 65 years ago and declares itself to the historical heritage of the Mining Academy in Banska Stiavnica and to its 255th anniversary of foundation, based on the resolution of Mary Theresa as of December 1, 1762. 
It is obvious, that in such ample history of the Faculty, there are certain progression stages, so in the structure as in the content of the education and research. Similar progress was documented also at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Faculty foundation in the Message from the Dean then in the office - Prof. Ing. Karol Tomasek, CSc., and in the unique Memory Book of the Faculty of Metallurgy, compiled by the Faculty staff and graduates from the Faculty. 
What has happened since that time? We have successfully passed the process of the complex accreditation and then in the year 2016 realised was the change in the organisation structure, based on which eight departments was transformed into three Institutions: the Institute of Materials, Institute of Metallurgy and Institute of Recycling Technologies. This change was inevitable due to the need to increase the effectiveness and rationalisation of the education process, research and managing activities at the Faculty. It was largely evocated by the generally low interest of the high-school students in the study of the technical disciplines, demanding from the point of the knowledge from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and in connections with the applied method of Universities financing. 
In this year Faculty is facing another change in relation with the change in the Faculty name. The foundation of the Faculty of Metallurgy was closely linked up with industrialisation of the Czechoslovak Republic and beginning of the metallurgical industry, in particular in Kosice. Therefore the original orientation of the Faculty was exclusively to the metallurgy. However in its 65 years history, the Faculty of Metallurgy gradually expanded its activity into more fields - that fact was affected by the actual social requirements, Slovak Republic joining the EU, new trends in the strategy goals, by the emerging new technologies, introduction of the extensive common European legislation, priorities and perspectives of the society. Recent Faculty name today does not reflect the offer of the study field and programs, that is closely linked up with the research activity of the Faculty and needs of the industry (production of new high quality materials and their application, approach "from the cradle to the grave", new legislation and so on.) These processes relate directly or indirectly to the metallurgy; however the term "metallurgy" does not represent them adequately. The newly proposed name of the Faculty will copy, based on the extensive discussion, the main field of the Institutes activity, will cover more significantly the present stage and offer the perspectives for the future. 
And what do I wish the Faculty in the future? To perform the major jobs only. I am convinced that the major jobs may be conducted thoughtful and honestly, that the collaboration and loyalty mean much more that the personal profit. That the judgement unity in not formed based on the order, but it is formed in discussion and the respect may be attained even then when the Faculty management is attainable and open not only to the staff, but also to the students. 
Our Faculty has built up a huge potential in the field of education, research, cooperation with the practice and the external research and academic institutions. Our main ambition and at the same time obligation for the future is to activate positively this potential and develop it extensively. Right, this 65th anniversary of the Faculty foundation is the suitable opportunity to encourage the teachers, students and all other staff to devote their entire abilities, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the Faculty and University development. 
We have high-spirited vision and strategy for the Faculty future development and we have to struggle to make sense of the content of the education and teaching process for the 21st century. The University education has the exceptional role - to provide the students the todays' top knowledge with the objective to be able to solve the tomorrow's problems. They say that the gratitude is the memory of the heart. Therefore let me not to forget and thank to all who in any way formed the history of our Faculty. Our recollection and gratitude goes also to those who today are not among us, but they have irreplaceable place in our hearts as well as in hearts of all graduates from our Faculty. My gratitude goes to all educators who are still teaching or have been teaching at the Faculty of Metallurgy, for all what you have done for the generations of the metallurgy engineers. The job of teacher is valuable and irreplaceable. To assist students in their major decisions, to prepare and head them off to their future life - these all are the facts which can not be priced by any words or tangible goods.
The focal point of our interest is the student and high quality content of our study programs. This assumes the interconnection of the scientific and pedagogical activity. The objective is to achieve the international comparability and excellence of the research coming up to the internationally recognized publications. The important prerequisite for achieving the international comparability in the research is the support of young scientific staff and doctoral students, who naturally and not as their duty, show the interest in the creative scientific activity and become involved in the work on the research projects. 
The University and Faculty is not only the top scientific institution, but it is also the notable national institution, which should prepare permanently and from all sides cultivate the elite of the Slovak society. Should we speak about the elite of the society, I do not mean the education alone, but also the ability of the unsupervised and critical thinking and courage to take important decisions. At the same time it is the ability of the moral creation of the future leaders - the leading personalities possessing the courage to protect the justice and integrity that requires our everyday life. 
We have our history, our future and what we need now - is to see the opportunities even in the time of the complicated periods and exploit them. At this occasion I would like to express hope that our Faculty will continue to be the propagator of the scholarship, will continue to educate further and further generations of Bachelors and Engineers and will be the witness of the formation of the future generations. It is our mission first of all ....... 

With metallurgical greeting "Zdar Boh!"

Doc. Ing. Iveta Vaskova, PhD.